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The Moppet Togs Spring 2017 Sale will be held April 28-30, 2017 at the old Sports Authority near Boise Town Square Mall.  The inventory system is open and therefore consignors should start entering inventory.  Its also time for VIPs to get their inventory to our VIP team.

Please note that since the the Moppet Togs Event is held twice per year, once in the spring and once in the fall, it is seldom on the exact same dates and often not at the same location.  Therefore it is important to watch the website or our Facebook page for the exact dates and times of each sale.

Spring 2016 Dates and Times

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Moppet Togs Spring 2017
Old Sport Authority
1301 N Milwaukee
Boise, ID 83704



Shopper Information

The following information will help shoppers be prepared for the Moppet Togs Sale:

  • A line will form on Friday morning around 8:30 am – 9:00 am for the 10:00 am opening and therefore you need to get in line early.
  • A line also forms on Sunday morning around 9:00 am for the 10:00 am opening for the half price sale
  • There is plenty of parking
  • There are no changing rooms
  • We accept cash, Debit Card, Master Card, Visa and Discover Card.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS
  • All SALES ARE FINAL and therefore there are NO RETURNS We do not allow shoppers or their children to try on clothes
  • We do not allow shoppers to play with toys or play on furniture
  • Please do not take stacks of clothes off the racks and sort them on the floor
  • We provide tables for sorting through clothes
  • Strollers and other items will be checked at the door and tagged as belonging to the shopper
  • Please note that we have both visible and plain clothes security.  Shoplifters will be prosecuted.
Half Price Sale Information

The Moppet Togs Half Price Sale will be held on Sunday from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.  The following information will help shoppers with our half price sale:

  • Not all items are half price
  • If the price tag has the word “Discount” on it then that item is half price.
  • If the price tag does not have the word “Discount” on it then that item is full price.
  • Our check out system will automatically detect and price all items correctly
  • Please do not forget to check price tags for the word “Discount” and then wonder why your items are full price after you have checked out.