The Moppet Togs Spring Event is planned for March 14-16, 2013

MoppetTogsSpring2013Looks like we are finally going to thaw out.  I don’t know about you, but I am pretty much over winter and ready for spring.  Even though it doesn’t feel like spring yet, the spring sale is right around the corner.  We are only 5 weeks away from inventory drop off.  If you are planning on consigning and have not yet registered, log in with your consignor ID and password and register.  Check to make sure that your contact information is still current.  You are then free to start entering your inventory.

We have updated the website, so even if you have been consigning with us from the beginning, please take some time to read through it as we have made some changes.   Remember that you need to start collecting hangers now.  Last sale we stopped untagging and this sale we will stop unhangering (not a word, but you get the picture).  After this sale I will work on finding a source for cheap hangers in case any of you want to buy them, but for now, we do not have any to spare.  I believe that you can still get hangers for free from Old Navy, Carters, and Fred Meyer if they have any available.

The next few emails will focus on inventory preparation.

Clothing Preparation

This sale is for Spring/Summer items only.  That rule applies to infant, children’s and maternity clothing.  Jeans are okay as long as they aren’t lined.  We will accept l/s, l/l sleepers up to 12 months as long as they are lightweight cotton or terry.  We will also accept l/s dress shirts for Easter as long as they are light or pastel colors.  We will not accept corduroy, long sleeve tops(unless they are CLEARLY meant for spring), polar fleece, heavy coats, lined pants, velvet, velour, costumes, winter boots, black dress shoes, Christmas or Halloween themed items.

We have a $2.50 minimum price.  If your item isn’t valued at $2.50,  please pair it with another clothing item.  For example, a Carter’s onesie will not sell for $2.50 by itself, but 2,3 or more will sell for that price.  Keep in mind that outfits and sets sell better.  You are welcome to mix brands in order to make an outfit.  Check your items over carefully for issues including, but not limited to, excessive fading or pilling, stains, frays, missing buttons, dated, etc.  We have to be selective in what we accept.  Please do not waste the time, materials, and energy on items that you believe will be turned away.

All clothing items need to be on hangers.  Do not bag ANY clothing items.  Looking at the front of the item on the hanger, the top of the hanger should look like the top of a question mark.  We allow our consignors to tag items using safety pins or tagging guns.  If you are using a tagging gun, it is important that you are careful where you tag.  Putting it right through the middle of the material will leave a hole that will not fill in.  You need to make sure that you are tagging into a seam.

Pants are best hung with pant hangers, but as any long term consignor knows, they are not easy to find.  You are welcome to safety pin your pants to wire hangers, but please pin them on the top bar on each side of the hook.  If you pin them to the bottom bar, they slide and don’t show well.

Pictures of items tagged and hanging correctly can be found on the Inventory Preparation page of the website.

When checking for stains, it is helpful to remember what your children were doing developmentally during they time it was worn.  In infant clothing, it is important to look for yellowing around the neck area.  This is hard to see under normal home lighting, but is easy to see under florescent lighting.  Also check the back of the items.  If your child was learning to crawl, check the knees for excessive wear.  That is usually the same time they were learning to feed themselves, so check the back of the sleeves(less of a problem with spring sale items, but a big issue for the fall sale items).  In swimsuits, check for pilling on the bottom and make sure that the elastic isn’t stiff.  If it makes a crunch sound when you pull on the elastic, it is worn out.

The Inventory Preparation page is a wealth of information about preparing all of your items for the sale.  Please take some time to look it over.


I will be opening volunteer shifts in three weeks.  You will get plenty of reminders before then.

VIP Consigning

Our VIP program is full at this time.  If you have a drop off appointment, please be sure to keep it as we have no additional drop off openings.  Karen has started a back up VIP list.  There is a possibility that we will be able to take a few more VIPs depending on how quickly we process the ones who are currently scheduled.

If you want to be on that list, please fillout and submit the following form.  You will need to be prepared to drop off on a very short notice.

[contact-form to=’’ subject=’Moppet Togs VIP Comment or Question’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’/][contact-field label=’VIP Comment or Question’ type=’textarea’/][/contact-form]

General Questions

If you have any general questions and/or comments, please go to our Contacts Page and submit the Comments and Questionsl form.

Its Time for the Spring 2013 Sale
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